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Skiing in Zakopane
Skiing in Zakopane In february 2011 the Myslopes-team went to Zakopane in Poland, the Ski area in Poland.
Choosing a winter holiday in Europe, Poland is a relatively unknown to the international public. Where a reasonably large group of people has also looked into neighboring Czech Republic or Germany, Poland is still a question mark for most winter sports enthusiasts. Despite the fact that Poland is still unknown as a ski country, you do have ample possibilities to go skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. The country is home to many ski destinations, and the largest ski resorts in Poland are able to compete with Czech Republic, Germany or even the Alps. The absolute top ski resort of Poland is Zakopane. Like most ski destinations worth while in Poland, Zakopane lies in the Tatra Mountains. The Tatra mountains are also situated across the border in Slovakia and even form a connection to the Carpathians and Beskid - two other mountain ranges in eastern Europe. The Polish part of Tatra is also called the Tatra National Park.