Snow report Norway

Ski holidays in Norway

Travel Report Hemsedal
Travel Report Hemsedal Early in the 2013 season was a guest in one of the top resorts of Norway; Hemsedal.
Skiing in the Fjords in Voss
Skiing in the Fjords in Voss In the Beginning of 2011 we were a guest in one of the most surprising ski holiday destinations in Europe: Voss in Norway.
Norway is impressive. Both because of the rare beauty of the natural environment as well as the great ski areas. Norway is something else, and more and more skiing fans are finding out! Whether it is at Christmas-time or in the middle of February, Norway has a skiing holiday atmosphere you can find almost nowhere else in the world. The ski resorts in Norway are centered around the famous cities of Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Lillehammer, but there are also a fair amount of skiing resorts in the north. Skiing in Norway, is enjoying the good life! The snow report is perfect all year around, waiting times at the lifts are simply not there. Because it gets dark fairly early, skiing holiday-season includes cosy evenings with the family by the fireplace. What do you think about a nice Sauna after skiing? Or Norwegian Salmon with dinner? Norway, for an authentic ski holiday!