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slope length km
  blue runs 4km
  red runs 4km
  black runs 2km
  slopes total 10km

cross country trails length
  cross country trails length 150km

lifts number
  drag lift 3
  seat lift 2
  cabine lift 1
  lifts total 6
  lifts opened

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Snow report Waldmünchen

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Ski holidays in Waldmünchen

Waldmünchen is located in the Bavarian Forest in Germany.

Slope information Bayerische Wald - Waldmünchen

Snowboarders and skiers in this region are encouraged to visit the ski area Arber (with the highest point of the Bavarian Forest, the Große Arber), the ski resort Geißkopf, and the ski area Pröller Skidreieck. Arber has 10 km of ski runs and is a host of the World Cup every two years. The German Ski Training Center is also located here. Geißkopf has eight different tracks, mostly red and blue. In Pröller Skidreieck in Bischofsmais, there are a few simple slopes. For cross-country skiers, there are a number of beautiful ski areas near Arber. The most well-known cross-country destination is near Dreisessel, the Bayerwaldpiste, which runs from Silberbach, past Lam, to Neureichenau and Riedel Bach in the direction of Austria. Bayerwaldpiste boasts some 150 km of cross-country tracks.

Snowboarding in Waldmünchen

The Bavarian Forest is a modest snowboard area. There is really only one place, the Snowboard Fun Park and Rail Park in Arber, that we recommend. Because of the altitude of the Große Arber (1456 meters), the park offers relatively good snow conditions. The park consists of several modules and obstacles and a rail park, a collection of handrail modules. Geißkopf also has a small fun park and a quarterpipe.

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