Snow report Finland

Ski holidays in Finland

Winterwonderland in Ruka
Winterwonderland in Ruka Saunas, unspoiled nature, a warm welcome and with a little luck a glimpse of the Northern Lights. For a real Scandinavian winter, go to Finnish Lapland.
Cross-country skiing in Finland Finland is the country of choice to go cross country skiing!
The land of Santa Claus
The land of Santa Claus Where can you celebrate Christmas better, than around Santa Claus himself?
In Finland, they probably invented snow in the first place. Close to the Arctic Circle, most ski resorts are located in the Finnish part of Lapland. These resorts in Lapland are Levi, Luosto, Rovaniemi, Ruka and the most well known area: Ylläs. Skiing in ski resorts ensures beautiful nature, a wonderful peacefullness and bizarre change of light. The light is almost totally absent at the beginning of the season, while at the end of the season the light doesn't go away! Winter in Finland offers alpine skiing and snowboarding but mostly great cross-country skiing. Apart from this, there are places where you can go ice-skating , drive with snowscooters, and create Huskeyslede-tours. Finland is the birthplace of Christmas, Santa Claus lives just around the corner, near the Arctic Circle in Lapland. A visit in the month of November or December is an experience, as you have never celebrated your ski holidays. As soon as you arrive in Helsinki the Christmas spirit is all over the place... As if that isn't enough, sauna is also originally from Finland!