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Las Leñas - -

number of slopes percentage
  blue runs 15 %
  red runs 29 %
  black runs 56 %
  total number slopes 29
lifts number
  drag lift 7
  seat lift 6
  lifts total 13
  lifts opened

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By Rashedul on Wednesday 25 November 2015
Hi guys,How's it going? Sorry I haven't emailed in awhlie. Been very busy. Sometime today I hope to get time to check out your website and catch up on what you have done and where you have been. Steve told us you were on Fraser holidaying lucky ducks. Heard you might be up soon if so, give us a ring and come around for a meal.Will comment more when I have read your blog.See yaLeeanne (and Paul)

By Kirmizi on Tuesday 24 November 2015
Omonze OrukpeOctober 30, 2012From the word Tuesday - Day,yes, due, dues,stud, sea, as, sat, sue, use,aye, ya, ad,det,dust, say,tay,yea, set, Ted, tea, date, sad,days, seat,sued, eat, ate, yet, stay, est, duet, suet, dat, tad, ade, easy, east, tue, ed, dye, sty, stead, steady,yeast, duty, us, stay,at, Having hedcaahe already but I succeeded in getting 49words I hope I'm one of the winners

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Piste map Las Leñas

Piste map Las Leñas

ski holidays Las Leñas

Las Leñas